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The Association


The supplier adds a real value to the product within the distribution chain by handing it to client. After that, supplier helps the client to maintain its productivity and value during product useful lifetime.

La , was founded on October 29, 1943. By a visionary Businessmen group, machine suppliers in Mexico City, as a response from the private sector to the demands of the most important economic sectors of Mexico.

Unification of efforts from people devoted to machine distribution in order to enhance its efficiency and improve its quality services, were goals meeting, and still meeting, country’s needs.

From its beginning, the Association has lived recent Mexico’s social and economical changes, and has adequated its work to such changes, but keeping its basic goals vision: unite and serve.

Nowadays, the machinery and equipment suppliers, leasers and manufacturers Association work with the same service spirit, adding capacity efforts in order to better and more efficiently find ways to increase our services to international quality standards, and, at the same time, contribute to improve Mexican society.

At this level, it can be assured that Asociación Mexicana de Distribuidores de Maquinaria, A.C., (Machinery Distributors Mexican Association, A. C.), groups the most important machine suppliers, leasers and manufacturers of the country.


To group suppliers and manufacturers of building machinery, load handling and storage equipment, tooling-machines, related, or complementary products, bearing in mind to having an institutional representation at national level.



To be the most important national institution that represents the interests of the machinery distribution industry in the country.



  • Ethic: as well as in commerce, or regarding authorities relationship, and among its associates, it will be a very distinctive sign of its members.
  • Social Responsibility: Encourage it among its associates as means to achieve sustainability.
  • Honorability: : in the acting as well as in the being.
  • Service attitude.
  • Veracity.



The Asociación Mexicana de Distribuidores de Maquinaria, A.C., (Machinery Distributors Mexican Association, A. C.) the new headquarters opening took place on August, 2002 in Mexico City, located in the Polanco area, where AMDM plans to offer better attention to its associates and general public.


  • Council Meetings Room.
  • Training rooms.
  • Associates offices.
  • Management offices and administrative areas.
  • Recess room.
  • Events area


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